Polychloroprene Solvent Based Adhesive 20/12/2017

Laminated Plastic GOLD Adhesive (LP GOLD)

LP GOLD is a premium quality low smell adhesive for Formica applications. It is recommended for high-end Formica and a high quality finish. Its specialised low smell formula is ideal for use in projects with time restrictions and where fast turnarounds are required particularly on interior decoration projects.  

3,500-4,500 Centipoise

Available Sizes:                     
- 600 Grams                              
- 3 Kilograms                           
- 14.8 Kilograms                           
- 160 Kilograms

1. Ensure that surfaces are clean, dry and free from dust, grit, oil and grease.     
2. Apply LP GOLD Adhesive to both surfaces with a brush or scraper to give a uniform coating.
3. Allow to dry for 7 - 25 minutes according to surface porosity.                 
4. Apply even pressure to the assembly to ensure uniform bonding.
5. Use Dunlop Thinner T559 to remove excess adhesive.
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